Monday, 28 May 2012

'The Golden Note' - my story published in Emerging Light anthology - download it for free from Amazon today!

I was recently lucky enough to have a short story of mine published by Pen Works Media as part of their Emerging Light series:
'The Emerging Light Series was created to give the opportunity to young aspiring writers to get their short stories published. We encourage writers from any background throughout the world to submit their stories, and those who are selected will be offered a professional contract, approved by The writers’ Guild, where they will receive a percentage of each of the book’s sales.'

It's a great opportunity for writers to get published online, in a format that is now easily accessible for readers. To listen to company director Jody Medland discussing the EL series click here
And for today and tomorrow, it's FREE to buy on Amazon

Unusually for an anthology series, Medland weaves the stories together by providing an over-arching narrative in between each piece, in this case an engrossing battle scenario in which each soldier has a story which has led them to the war zone. With great contributions from writers Jodie Cassinelli, Benjamin Britworth, Susan Bradfield, Alasdair MacAulay, J. Lloyd Storey, River J. Young, Saira Viola and Nathaniel Williams, it's an explosive and entertaining read.  

About my story 

Based on an old story, the seeds of the idea for a modern retelling were sown years ago. I've long been fascinated by folk tales and myth, particularly those with an underlying sense of  the supernatural. I read The Cruel Sister in an old compendium of ghost stories my parents had, part of a Reader's Digest-esque series which included Fairies, Knights, Witches and Wizards and many other fantasical subjects infinitely fascinating to my child self. The books were beautifully illustrated, using classical art work by famous painters as well as modern pieces inspired by the stories themselves. This is where I first learnt about doppelgangers, and the horror genre as a whole, and after reading the story the effects were such that I did my best not to get on my own sister's nerves for months afterwards!  

Mayday Stories, The Emerging Light Series
Chapter Seven: Jason: The Golden Note 

Jason is a musician who falls hard for Julia, a golden-haired marine biologist with a hint of sadness in her eyes. Although he senses in her some nameless fear, he can't reconcile it with the utter peace he feels when they're together. When he meets Desiree, Julia's sister, he is shocked by the passion she reveals for him from the moment they meet. 
When tragedy strikes, he and Desiree are flung together, and she manipulates her way into Jason's bed. But was Julia murdered by her jealous sister? 

To find out how Jason solves the mystery and the dramatic way in which he reveals her killer, click the link below to download the book onto your Kindle, smart or android phones - it's totally free! 

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