Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Haliburton V - Literary Festival with a Canadian flavour

I'll be performing at this intriguingly named Canadian Literary festival run by writer John Stiles and his fellow alumnae of University of King’s College in Halifax. The two, writer John Stiles and Chris MacNeil, started the London Chapter of the Haliburton Society in 2006 and have created the event to celebrate the literary links between the two countries.

John's work is as idiosyncratic as his personality and I'm really looking forward to seeing him perform. I  published several of his flash fiction pieces in both The London Magazine and Trespass, in which he created enticing and vivid miniature universes, spurts of genius which combine humour and a biting intellect with each story.

He’s written novels and poetry too: Taking The Stairs, The Insolent Boy, Creamsicle Stick Shivs and Scouts are Cancelled: The Annapolis Valley Poems (Insomniac Press, Toronto, Canada).

And according to his biog he’s even dabbled in filmmaking: ‘Recently featured as one of twenty New Canadian poets in New American Writing (Oink! Press, CA. USA). Filmmaker behind 'the smalls...er whatever' a rock doc featuring Corb Lund of Corb Lund and the Hurtin Albertans.’

You can read his blog here: www.howyahdoon.blogspot.com

Haliburton V Literary Festival

I hope some of you will be able to make it, despite the po-faced warnings about travel!
As we celebrate the greatest sports event this year, the London Chapter of North America's oldest literary society, The Haliburton Society, invites the best local wits and verbal talents to three days of verbal Olympics in East London:

With a mixture of Canadian and British writers such as:
Todd Swift, Gabriella Apicella, Patrick Woodcock, John Stiles, Catherine Brogan, Fiona Curran, Dante Micheaux, Grim Chip (and myself! ) amongst others, the event promises to be a welcome break from the sport.

Reading and Gig!

I'll be reading some of my poems and short fiction on Wed 1 August, and then my band Scarlet Starlings (www.reverbnation.com/scarletstarlings) will be performing alongside the brilliant Elvina & I  (http://www.myspace.com/elvinaandi) on Friday 3 August.
*Update - one of the stories I'm reading is being published by Elbow Room, plus I'm going to be performing it as a comedy sketch later this year. Several non family members have assured me that its amusing!

Leytonstone Library - 6 Church Lane, E11 1HG

Wednesday 1 August


The event will run from 6-10 pm in the old hall at Leytonstone Library (Leytonstone Tube on Central Line) and will go on from Wed 1st Aug to Friday 3rd Aug. A website will soon be up at http://www.haliburtonclub.ca.

Price: £3