Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Upcoming gigs for the Scarlet Starlings

It seems that gigs, like men, according to Wendy Cope, are like buses. ('You wait for about a year/ And as soon as one approaches your stop/ Two or three others appear' - from Bloody men by Wendy Cope)

We have 2 great gigs coming up in April if you'd like to drop by (we're very folky at the moment with plenty of mandolin so if you like your Fleet Foxes mixed in with a bit of Bowie you might like us).
We're so not-awful that BBC introducing played our song 'Ransom' t'other week.
To hear more of our stuff go to or

The Underbelly - Monday April 2
Where? 11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU. It is about a three minute walk from Old
Street Tube Station and is situated on the corner of Hoxton Square just off Old Street.
What time? 8pm-8:30pm
There are loads of other great bands on as well including:
Metro Paradiso
Feral Sun
Scenic Life
With Talitha still globe trotting around (sigh...we miss her!) we have our lovely Saffa cousin stepping in with a bit of flute and some keys...Emily!
We hope to see all of our friends there so if you can make it come up and have a beer with us.
Plus its free, so more money for gin & tonics.

Then as the 16th of April is my birthday we'll be ringing it in with a gig on: 
Sunday 15 April at Dusk till Dawn (opposite Archway tube)  

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