Monday, 12 December 2011

New Trespass "Turbulence" event

Brilliant, cosy night at The Bell pub on petticoat lane (apples and pears etc)

The marvellous Miss Dzifa Benson read about Dancing with Octopi, leaping into the eye of a hurricane and Hitchcock blondes...

Agnes Meadows' sultry shoe poems (red high heels, they are not for walking in), Singaporean teens cutting themselves and ochenshloggen whisky (that's what it sounded like, anyway!)

Tim Wells read his pieces from the latest issue: imagining what porn stars talk about in between takes, a man being shot in the head in the local cafe, and posh students...

Wes Brown (guest ed of the issue) read an excerpt from 'Shark', his novel, with a lovely line about a soldier home from war, breaking his words in two...

Then we had a bit of open mic featuring past contributor John Stiles and Newbie David Walter.
Designer Van Nim popped by for mince pies and Scarlet Starlings played a few tunes.

Last event of the year, a whiff of nostalgia for things past, it's all rushed by so quickly. Merry Xmas to everyone, let's raise a glass of ochenshloggen and curl up in front of a warn fire (or person).

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