Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Loose Muse 9 November: Jaqueline Saphra (poet) and Femi Martin (short fiction writer)

As the only all female poetry event in London,  Loose Muse is the place to be tonight.
At its habitual venue (The Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, about 5 minutes walk from Covent Garden tube) host Agnes Meadows will be presenting two great features Jaqueline Saphra (poet) and Femi Martin (short fiction writer).

The evening is warm and inclusive with an open mic session as well as time to question the two main features. Men are always welcome, and those willing to don a frock may even perform if they are brave enough to do so.


Poet Jaqueline Saphra is a regular performer on the London poetry scene and with her warm presence and sharp observational work, we are in for a treat tonight.
I published a poem of hers in the 'Monsters' issue of Trespass (print back issues still available here or to take a look at the online version click here )

Bocca della Verit√°
from a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder
by Jacqueline Saphra

The stone beast can’t scare me; I’ve met worse.
Though Lord knows I’m no Audrey Hepburn
playing virgin on a Roman holiday, innocence
is only relative. I won’t lie to the brute and he’s the one
who matters. I’ll look him in the eye until he pants
then plunge the plump fruit of my hand deep
into his mouth and work it hard until the jam
of his ancient maw starts to hurt and he gives in.
Oh, he won’t bite, he’ll simply loosen, all agog
and gagging. I’ll train him up on taste and lick;
I’ll give him suck. As for his teeth, they’re long gone,
worn fl at after centuries, the grind and crack
of liars’ bones, not mine. I’m just an honest strumpet
shackled to a man who aches to see me lose a hand
to prove adultery, who dares to call that feeling love.

Award winning writer Patrick Neate says of Femi Martin, that she, " an original and exciting literary voice who displays particular mastery of the esoteric art of flash fiction."
A wonderfully vibrant performer who has been wowing fiction lovers with her prose. This is a great opportunity to ask her about her craft. I can't wait! and

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