Friday, 30 September 2011

Getting started

I'm finally diving into the whole blogging experience. Previously my perfectionism has kept me from being able to really enjoy the process of just whacking up your ideas as they happen, but I realised that that is the point of this brave new world, and since I often have a few bits and pieces that I'm working on (especially, at the moment, videos and interviews) I thought I'd stop being so uptight about it and, as Nike would say, just do it.

With so much that I'm involved with at any one time from editing New Trespass ( to wrestling with my own writing demons, from writing music and creating video interviews, I'm hoping there will be enough fodder to feed to the machine.

The band is made up of my brothers Joe and Simon Tuson as well as my husband Mike and cousin Talitha. We've been making music together for years off handedly (Mike and I used to play together in a band called Recluse Filmstar but we were too retiring for our own good :) and we finally faced the truth: we needed to make it official. So Scarlet Starlings was born, a little fledgling band made up of people who love each other and music. Hope you enjoy it.

At the moment we have gigs booked for:
3 November @ World's End Pub in Finsbury Park (
23 October @

So here goes, the first of my music videos for band Scarlet Starlings:

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